1) What does PHP stand for?

i) Personal Home Page

ii) Hypertext Preprocessor

iii) Pretext Hypertext Processor

iv) Preprocessor Home Page

A. Both i) and iii)

B. Both ii) and iv)

C. Only ii)

D. Both i) and ii)

Answer : D

2) PHP files have a default file extension of_______

A. .html

B. .xml

C. .php

D. .ph

Answer : C

3) What should be the correct syntax to write a PHP code?

A. < php >

B. < ? php ?>

C. <? ?>

D. <?php ?>

Answer : C

4) Which of the following is/are a PHP code editor?

i) Notepad

ii) Notepad++

iii) Adobe Dreamweaver

iv) PDT

A. Only iv)

B. i), ii), iii) and iv)

C. i), ii) and iii)

D. Only iii)

Answer : B

5) Which of the following must be installed on your computer so as to run PHP script?

i) Adobe Dreamweaver 


iii) Apache and PHP

iv) IIS

A. i), ii), iii) and iv)

B. Only ii)

C. ii) and iii)

D. ii), iii) and iv)

Answer : D

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