171) Which of the following operator is used to release the dynamically allocated memory in CPP?

A. remove

B. free

C. delete

D. both b and c

Answer : C

172) Which of the following is not a false statement about new operator?

A. It can’t be overloaded.

B. It returns garbage value when memory allocation fails.

C. It automatically computes the size of the data object.

D. All of these

Answer : C

173) Private members of the class are accessible only to the members of the same class.

A. True

B. False

Answer : B

174) Run time polymorphism can be achieved with______ .

A. Virtual Base class

B. Container class

C. Virtual function

D. Both a and c

Answer : C

175) To create an output stream, we must declare the stream to be of class ___________ .

A. ofstream

B. ifstream

C. iostream

D. None of these

Answer : A

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