66) A continue statement causes execution to skip to ____.

A. the fZirst statement after the loop.

B. the statement following the continue statement.

C. The return 0; statement.

D. the next iteration of the loop.

Answer : D

67) A ________ converts from an object of the type of the constructor’s parameter to an object of the class.

A. conversion function.

B. member function.

C. class conversion.

D. conversion constructors.

Answer : D

68) Variables that are declared, but not initialized, contain ________

A. blank spaces.

B. zeros.

C. “garbage” values.

D. nothing – they are empty.

Answer : C

69) A structure defines a ________type.

A. class

B. pointers

C. arrays

D. variables

Answer : A

70) What are the formal parameters in C++?

A. Parameters with which functions are called

B. Parameters which are used in the definition of the function

C. Variables other than passed parameters in a function

D. Variables that are never used in the function

Answer: A

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