COA (Computer Organization And Architecture)

1) The copy-back protocol is used ________

A. To copy the contents of the memory onto the cache

B. To update the contents of the memory from the cache

C. To remove the contents of the cache and push it on to the memory

D. None of the mentioned

Answer : B

2) The ______ format is usually used to store data.


B. Decimal

C. Hexadecimal

D. Octal

Answer : A

3) The usual BUS structure used to connect the I/O devices is ___________

A. Star BUS structure

B. Multiple BUS structure

C. Single BUS structure

D. Node to Node BUS structure

Answer : C

4)An inter-connection of digital modules which manipulates discrete elements of information & that is represented internally in the form of binary is called ___________

A. Digital system

B. Analog system

Answer : A

5) The DMA controller has _______ registers.

A. 4

B. 2

C. 3

D. 1

Answer : C

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