Q176) What does Router do in a network?

A. Forwards a packet to all outgoing links

B. Forwards a packet to the next free outgoing link

C. Determines on which outing link a packet is to be forwarded

D. Forwards a packet to all outgoing links except the originated link

Answer : C

Q177) The Internet is an example of

A. Cell switched network

B. circuit switched network

C. Packet switched network

D. All of above

Answer : C

Q178) What does protocol defines?

A. Protocol defines what data is communicated.

B. Protocol defines how data is communicated.

C. Protocol defines when data is communicated.

D. All of above

Answer : D

Q179) What is the uses of subnetting?

A. It divides one large network into several smaller ones

B. It divides network into network classes

C. It speeds up the speed of network

D. None of above

Answer : A

Q180) Repeater operates in which layer of the OSI model?

A. Physical layer

B. Data link layer

C. Network layer

D. Transport layer

Answer : A

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