Q11) Computer Network is

A.  Collection of hardware components and computers

B.  Interconnected by communication channels

C.  Sharing of resources and information

D.  All of the Above

Answer : D

Q12) What is a Firewall in Computer Network?

A.  The physical boundary of Network

B.  An operating System of Computer Network      

C.  A system designed to prevent unauthorized access

D.  A web browsing Software

Answer : C

Q13) How many layers does OSI Reference Model has?

A.  4

B.  5

C.  6

D.  7

Answer : D

Q14) DHCP is the abbreviation of

A.  Dynamic Host Control Protocol

B.  Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

C.  Dynamic Hyper Control Protocol

D.  Dynamic Hyper Configuration Protocol

Answer : B

Q15) IPV4 Address is

A.  8 bit

B.  16 bit

C.  32 bit

D.  64 bit

Answer : C

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