Q86) Which one of the following is a data link protocol?

A. point to point protocol

B. hdlc

C. ethernet

D. all of the mentioned

Answer : D

Q87) Transmission control protocol is

A. uses a three way handshake to establish a connection

B. recievs data from application as a single stream

C. connection oriented protocol

D. all of the mentioned

Answer : D

Q88) Transport layer protocols deals with

A. process to process communication

B. application to application communication

C. node to node communication

D. none of the mentioned

Answer : A

Q89) Physical or logical arrangement of network is __________

A. Networking

B. Topology

C. Routing

D. None of these

Answer : B

Q90) This topology requires multipoint connection

A. Mesh

B. Star

C. Ring

D. Bus

Answer : B

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