41) What is Pending Intent in android?

A.It is a kind of an intent
B.It is used to pass the data between activities
C.It will fire at a future point of time.
D.None of the Above

Answer : C

42) What is sandbox in android?

A.Each application runs securely in sandbox without interrupting another process
B.Android Box
C.Android development tool kit
D.None of the above

Answer : A

43) What is an activity in Android?

A.Activity performs the actions on the screen
B.Manage the Application content
C.Screen UI
D.None of the above

Answer : A

44) What is android view group?

A.Collection of views and other child views
B.Base class of building blocks
D.None of the Above

Answer : A

45) Why don’t we give MIN SDK as 1 in android?

A. Android deprecated version
B. There is no value for 1
C. Android doesn’t allow min version 1
D. None of the above

Answer : A

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