36) How many sizes are supported by Android?

A.Android supported all sizes
B.Android does not support all sizes
C.Android supports small,normal, large and extra-large sizes
D.Size is undefined in android

Answer : C

37) What is ANR responding time in android?

A.10 sec
B.5 sec
C.1 min
D.None of the above

Answer : B

38) What is the life cycle of foreground activity in android?

A.onCreate() −> onStart() −> onResume() −> onStop() −> onRestart
B.onCreate() −> onStart() −> onResume() −>onStop()
C.onCreate() −> onStart() −> onResume()
D.None of the above

Answer : B

39) How to stop the services in android?

C.By manually
D.stopSelf() and stopService()

Answer : D

40) What are commands needed to create APK in android?

A.No need to write any commands
B.Create apk_android in command line
C.Javac,dxtool, aapt tool, jarsigner tool, and zipalign
D.None of the above

Answer : C

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