116) This is called when the user presses the key, releases the key, or any movement gesture on the screen.


Answer : A

117) Which one of following is not a method of Register a Listner.

A.Using an Anonymous Inner Class
B.Using Nesting of Anonymous Class
C.Activity class implements the Listener interface.
D.Using Layout file.

Answer : B

118) Which statement is wrong from following for exception handling in android?

A.After throwing an exception, an exception handler must be found to handle the exception, or the app will terminate.
B.Throwing an exception means that the execution flow changes, and instead, the program counter will jump to the nearest catch block, and executes the error recovery code
C.If a catch block isn’t available in the current stack frame, but is defined further down the call stack, then the exception will be handled there.
D.Exceptions should not be thrown in exceptional circumstances where the calling code needs to decide how to recover from an error condition.

Answer : D

119) During an Activity life-cycle, what is the first callback method invoked by the system?


Answer : C

120) What is JNI in android?

A.Java interface
B.Java native interface
C.Java network interface
D.Image editable tool

Answer : B

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