66) What Does AAPT Stands For?

A.Android Asset Processing Tool.
B.Android Asset Providing Tool.
C.Android Asset Packaging Tool.
D.Android Asset Packaging Technique

Answer : C

67) View Pager Is Used For

A.Swiping Activities
B.Swiping Fragments
C.Paging Down List Items
D.View Pager Is Not Supported By Android SDK

Answer : B

68) What Is JNI In Android?

A.Java Interface
B.Java Native Interface
C.Java Network Interface
D.Image Editable Tool

Answer : B

69) What Is LastKnownLocation In Android?

A.To Find The Last Location Of A Phone
B.To Find Known Location Of A Phone
C.To Find The Last Known Location Of A Phone.
D.None Of The Above

Answer : C

70) Which Programming Language Is Used For Android Application Development?


Answer : D

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