46) What is an interface in android?

A.Interface acts as a bridge between class and the outside world.
B.Interface is a class.
C.Interface is a layout file.
D.None of the above

Answer : A

47) How to pass the data from activity to services in android?

A.We can store the data in a common database and access the data on services as well as in Activity
B.We can’t pass data from activity to services.
C.Using putExtra() method in intent, we can pass the data using setResult()
D.A & C

Answer : D

48) What is a GCM in android?

A.Goggle Could Messaging for chrome
B.Goggle Count Messaging
C.Goggle Message pack
D.None of the above

Answer : A

49) How many levels of securities are there in android?

A.App level security and kernel level security
B.Android level security
C.Java level security
D.None of the above

Answer : A

50) What is the library of Map View in android?


Answer : D

51) On which thread broadcast receivers will work in android?

A.Worker Thread
B.Main Thread
C.Activity Thread
D.None of the Above

Answer : B

52) What is the difference between services and thread in android?

A.Services performs functionalities in the backgrounD. By default services run on main thread only
B.Thread and services are having same functionalities.
C.Thread works on services
D.None of the above

Answer : A

53) What is a thread in android?

A.Same as services
B.Background activity
C.Broadcast Receiver
D.Independent dis-patchable unit is called a thread

Answer : D

54) Dalvik Virtual Machine (DVM) actually uses core features of

Answer : C

55) A type of service provided by android that allows sharing and publishing of data to other applications is

A.View System
B.Content Providers
C.Activity Manager
D.Notifications Manager

Answer : B

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